NetNation Getting Started Guide

This Getting Started Guide is for NetNation Web Hosting Plan customers. For information on getting started with your Domain Name Registration services, see the Domain Name Registration FAQs available in the NetNation Help Center.

   Getting Started Guide

Getting started with your NetNation Account
Step 1: Review your welcome emails
Step 2: Log in to AccountManager
Step 3: Set up your account passwords
Step 4: Set up your email
Step 5: Configure your file transfer client
Step 6: Ensure you have registered and transferred your domain name
Registering your domain name
Transferring your domain name to NetNation
Using your temporary URL
Step 7: Publish your site
Getting the information needed to connect
Selecting a transfer method and configuring the client
Connecting to the Web server and uploading your files
Testing your site
Getting help
NetNation Help Center
NetNation Customer Support
Moving forward

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