AccountManager User Guide

The specific features available to you vary depending upon your specific plan. You may not have access to all of the AccountManager
tools and controls listed below.

   Getting Started    Section 1: Managing your Hosting Account

What is AccountManager?
Logging on and off
Activating your new hosting account
Using your temporary URL
Reviewing the AccountManager main window
Viewing detailed information about your hosting plan
Changing your hosting plan
Changing your billing cycle
Adding and removing plan features
Activating features
Removing or deactivating features
   Section 2: Working with Domain Names    Section 3: Working with Users and Passwords
Understanding domain names and the registration process
Registering domain names
Transferring your domain names
Changing your domain name
Registering a new domain name
Renewing a domain name registration
Setting up domain name aliases
Creating subdirectory domain names
Editing DNS/MX records
Editing the MX record to use a different mail server
Creating third-level domains
Troubleshooting domain name registrations
Viewing detailed domain name registration information
Editing your domain name registration information
Managing your nameservers
Managing your domain name features
Setting up domain forwarding
Creating business card park page
Creating ExpressSite
Understanding the different account types
Creating a new user account
Changing an account password
Deleting a user account
Ordering additional accounts
   Section 4: Working with Email    Section 5: Working with AccountManager's Website Tools
Managing your default email address
Modifying your default email address
Deleting your default email address
Creating and managing email addresses
Creating a new email account
Creating an autoresponder
Creating an email alias
Deleting an email address
Working with MailMan Mailing List
Accessing the mailing list
Creating a new list
Deleting a mailing list
Viewing lists of subscribers
Administering a mailing list
Checking your email messages
Using SiteMail
Using an email client
Working with CleanMail and CleanMail Plus
Using NetNation's site building tool
Using CGI scripts
Viewing site statistics
Promoting your Web site
Using AccountManager's FTP tool
Communicating with the server via SSH
Managing files and directories
Password protecting directories
Creating and managing SiteChat chat rooms
   Section 6: Working with Ecommerce    Section 7: Viewing and Analyzing Usage Details
Using the Ecommerce Manager
Applying for a merchant account
Ordering your own SSL certificate
Using Miva Merchant software (for UNIX)
Using Cart32 software (for Windows® 2000)
Viewing usage information
Ordering additional disk or file space
   Section 8: Working with Personal and Billing Information    Section 9: Changing Your Preferences
Updating your personal contact information
Updating your billing information
Changing your method of payment
Making an online payment
Accessing transaction details and invoices
Viewing transaction details
Viewing and printing invoices
Cancelling your NetNation service
Subscribing to the NetNation newsletter
Changing your AccountManager password
Selecting a default domain
Showing your passwords in AccountManager
   Section 10: Using with the Marketplace and
      Contacting Support

Using NetNation's Marketplace
Using NetNation's Help Center
Contacting Support
Starting trouble tickets
Starting a billing trouble ticket
Starting a technical support trouble ticket

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